I am a second year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Washington, advised by Andy Ko and James Fogarty. I recently completed an internship at Adobe Research Creative Technologies Lab working with Mira Dontcheva, Joel Brandt, and Morgan Dixon, and am working on a project to enable designers to more easily utilize and repurpose example screenshots of user interfaces.

I am interested in Software Engineering and HCI, and specifically user interfaces and humans. I am interested in making software easier to learn, use, and make. Here is a link to my current CV


Genie: Input Retargeting on the Web through Command Reverse Engineering

I created an abstract model of a command and a set of methods for reverse engineerings commands and command metadata from arbitrary web applications for the purposes of command monitoring and retargeting inputs to alternate modalities (e.g., Retargeting a web application built only for mouse input to have audio-controlled commands). The system uses JavaScript static and dynamic program analysis to discover commands and monitor their status, and is built in a Chrome Extension. I am working on creating an open source version of the tool and will be making it available soon (TBA).

Change detection for the web

I built a system for automatic change detection on the web, and for interactive change exploration using automated program analysis.

Contact Me

You can contact me at amaswea@cs.washington.edu, or find me in the Paul Allen Center for CSE, Room 490.