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Benjamin P. Wood
Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Wellesley College

I recently finished my PhD and moved to Wellesley, but my full web page has not yet landed.

Research: Programming languages, language and system support for concurrency and parallelism, dynamic program analysis, run-time systems, computer architecture. My work focuses on principled and efficient dynamic analyses to expose typically implicit properties of shared-memory multithreaded program executions and simplify semantics and debugging.

With: Dan Grossman + Luis Ceze / PLSE + Sampa

Instructor: CSE 351 summer 2013
TA: CSE 341 fall 2011, CSE 351 spring 2010, CSE P505 winter 2009

Also: MSR internship, ARCS and Dinning-Wolfe fellowships, B.A. in computer science (with Steve Freund) and music, Williams College


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Low-Level Detection of Language-Level Data Races with LARD
Benjamin P. Wood, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman
ASPLOS 2014     

RADISH: Always-On Sound and Complete Race Detection in Software and Hardware
Joseph Devietti, Benjamin P. Wood, Karin Strauss, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman, Shaz Qadeer
ISCA 2012      Extended Tech Report   

Cloud Types for Eventual Consistency
Sebastian Burckhardt, Manuel Fahndrich, Daan Leijen, Benjamin P. Wood
ECOOP 2012     

Isolating and Understanding Concurrency Errors Using Reconstructed Execution Fragments
Brandon Lucia, Benjamin P. Wood, Luis Ceze
PLDI 2011      Code: Recon   

Composable Specifications for Structured Shared-Memory Communication
Benjamin P. Wood, Adrian Sampson, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman
OOPSLA 2010      Talk: Keynote, PDF    Code: OshaJava   


Greedy Coherence
Emily Fortuna, Brandon Lucia, Adrian Sampson, Benjamin P. Wood, Luis Ceze
HPPC 2011     

Data-Race Exceptions Have Benefits Beyond the Memory Model
Benjamin P. Wood, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman
MSPC 2011      Talk: Keynote, PDF   


Code-Centric Communication Graphs for Shared-Memory Multithreaded Programs
Benjamin P. Wood, Joseph Devietti, Luis Ceze, Dan Grossman
Technical Report UW-CSE-09-05-02, University of Washington, 2009     

Hominy Grits: Specification and Inference of Synchronization Disciplines for Concurrent Programs
Benjamin P. Wood    (advised by Stephen N. Freund)
Undergraduate Thesis, Williams College, 2008     


The Barnyard of Pig Data Research: A View from UW CSA
Benjamin P. Wood, Brandon Lucia, Tom Bergan, Jacob Nelson, Adrian Sampson
PoCSci 2013: UW CSE Potentially Computer Science Conference, May 2013
Talk: video with subtitles   

New World Order? No! Multicore Memory Models for the Masses!
Benjamin P. Wood, Emily Fortuna, Adrian Sampson, Tom Bergan, Brandon Lucia, Joseph Devietti, Brandon Myers
PoCSci 2011: UW CSE Potentially Computer Science Conference, June 2011
Talk: Keynote, PDF