Eleanor O'Rourke


My name is Nell O'Rourke and I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the University of Washington's Computer Science & Engineering Department, specializing in educational technology and Human Computer Interaction. I am advised by Zoran Popović and am part of the Center for Game Science. I am also a member of DUB, a multidisciplinary group at UW that conducts research in Human Computer Interaction and Design.

My research focuses on developing technologies to foster learning and engagement in educational video games. I am particularly interested in optimizing student motivation, persistence and performance in through incentive structures and automated feedback systems. I am collaborating with psychologist Carol Dweck at Stanford to develop new methods of teaching the Growth Mindset through games. I am also working on developing personalized hint systems that encourage effective use of help. While my current research targets games, I am also interested in applying my work to other interactive learning environments.