Haichen Shen

Haichen Shen (沈海晨)

Ph.D student @ Network Lab, CSE, UW
CSE 391, Paul G. Allen Center

I'm a fourth year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of Washington, working with Prof. Arvind Krishnamurthy and Dr. Matthai Philipose. Previously I worked with Prof. David Wetherall and Prof. Aruna Balasumbramanian. I received my bachelor degree in Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (supervised by Prof. Andrew Yao) at Tsinghua University.

Research Projects

  • Mobile Hub: leverages heterogeneous hardware, such as sensor hubs, to improve the power efficiency of always-on sensing applications on mobile phones. MobileHub rewrites the binary of a given application without programmer effort to make it more power efficient.
  • Metasync: a secure and reliable file synchronization service that uses multiple cloud synchronization services as untrusted storage providers. We devised a novel variant of Paxos that provides efficient and consistent updates on top of the unmodified APIs exported by existing services.
  • MCDNN: an approximation-based execution framework for applying computer vision to video on cloud-backed mobile devices using Deep Neural Networks(DNNs). The computational demands of DNNs are high enough that, without careful resource management, such applications strain device battery, and cloud cost budgets. MCDNN allows each request to be served approximately, by systematically trading off DNN classification accuracy for resource use.

Selected Publications

MCDNN: An Approximation-Based Execution Framework for Deep Stream Processing Under Resource Constraints
Seungyeop Han*, Haichen Shen*, Matthai Philipose, Sharad Agarwal, Alec Wolman, Arvind Krishnamurthy
MobiSys, Jun. 2016 [paper] [video] [slides] [talk] (*equally contributed)
Enhancing Mobile Apps To Use Sensor Hubs Without Programmer Effort
Haichen Shen, Aruna Balasubramanian, Anthony LaMarca, David Wetherall
Ubicomp, Sept. 2015 [paper] [slides]
Best paper award, Gaetano Borriello best student paper award
MetaSync: File Synchronization Across Multiple Untrusted Storage Services
Seungyeop Han, Haichen Shen, Taesoo Kim, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Thomas Anderson, David Wetherall
USENIX ATC, July 2015 [paper]
Enable Flexible Spectrum Access with Spectrum Virtualization
Kun Tan, Haichen Shen, Jiansong Zhang, Yongguang Zhang
DySPAN, Oct. 2012 [paper]
Frame Retransmissions Considered Harmful: Improving Spectrum Efficiency Using Micro-ACKs
Jiansong Zhang, Haichen Shen, Kun Tan, Ranveer Chandra, Yongguang Zhang, Qian Zhang
MobiCom, Aug. 2012 [paper]
MPAP: virtualization architecture for heterogenous wireless APs
Yong He, Ji Fang, Jiansong Zhang, Haichen Shen, Kun Tan, and Yongguang Zhang
SIGCOMM, Aug. 2010 [pdf]
Best demo award

Teaching Experience

  • CSEP 552: Distributed Systems, Winter 2016.
  • CSEP 561: Network Systems, Fall 2013.

Last update: July 2016