Justin Chan
PhD Student, University of Washington
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Computational Health and Mobile Systems
I am a PhD student working with Shyam Gollakota on computational health with a focus on mobile and wireless systems in the Computing for Health lab.

I am the co-founder of Wavely Diagnostics, a company that is leveraging our research in mobile health to make pediatric healthcare more accessible.

I earned my Bachelors degree with high honors in computer science and digital arts from Dartmouth (2015).



3D Printing Your Wireless Coverage

Hot Paper Award
Gold Medal - ACM Student Research Competition
Justin Chan, Changxi Zheng, and Xia Zhou
HotWireless (+ poster at MobiCom), 2015.


Reviewer, Workshop on the Future of Digital Biomarkers at MobiSys 2021
Reviewer, ACM Transactions on Computing for Healthcare 2019, 2021
IMC Shadow PC 2018, 2017

MobiCom '19 web chair (first major redesign since 2006)
UW Systems and Networks Seminar

MobiSys Student Mentorship Program 2021
PhD admissions reader 2019, 2021
PhD admissions DEI committee 2021
PhD Pre-Application Review/Mentoring Service, 2020, 2021


University of Washington
CSE 599 N1: Modern Mobile Systems (co-instructor)
This is a brand new course designed to dive deep into the latest research innovations in mobile computing and to impart practical signal processing, machine learning and fabrication skills to a broad campus audience.
CSE 461: Intro to Computer Communication Networks.

Dartmouth College
CS50: Software Design and Implementation
CS10: Problem Solving via Object-Oriented Programming
CS1: Introduction to Programming and Computation