Laura R. Pina

Laura Pina profile

I am an HCI researcher designing and building technologies to improve health and wellness. My work shifts the lens from personal, self-tracking technologies to consider the family as the unit of design.

I focus on family health, by supporting parents and children addressing and tracking their health together. I have worked on addressing sleep, supporting behavioral interventions, and stress.

I am a postdoc with joint appointment in HCDE and CSE, where I am very fortunate to work with James Fogarty, Julie Kientz, and their students.

I completed my Ph.D. at UC San Diego. I worked under Bill Griswold and was a member of part of the The Design Lab at UCSD and Ubiquitous Computing and Social Dynamics Research Group. During my Ph.D. I was fortunate to be funded by: UCSD Dissertation Award, NSF Graduate Fellowship, GEM Consortium, Google Hispanic Scholarship