Niranjan's Home page.

Niranjan Balasubramanian

Post-doctoral Research Associate
Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington
niranjan at cs dot washington dot edu

Brief Bio

I am post-doctoral researcher in the Turing Center working with Prof. Oren Etzioni, Mausam, and Stephen Soderland. I work closely with the newly founded Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2). I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, advised by Prof. James Allan at the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR). Prior to joining CIIR, I was a software engineer at the Center For Natural Language Processing (CNLP) at Syracuse University. I completed my Masters degree in Computer Science at the University of Buffalo in 2003.


  • I will be starting as a Research Assitant Professor at SUNY Stony Brook starting in Spring 2015.
  • Gave a talk on "Open-domain Knowledge Extraction" in the CS Department at UIC.

  • Me


    I am married to Aruna Balasubramanian. We collaborate sometimes: