Stuart Reges

Stuart Reges
Principal Lecturer
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington

Office: Allen Center room 552
Phone: (206)685-9138
Hours: Tuesdays, 1:30-3:30 pm

I manage the introductory courses (cse142 and cse143). We are experiencing record enrollments in our courses. We made a video about what is happening in our intro courses that you can watch on youtube. We also got press coverage from The Seattle Times and a mention of my cookie-making in Geek Wire.

For winter quarter I am teaching cse142 and the honors section for 142.

If you want to see some statistics about what is happening at the University of Washington, check out this chart that shows the intended majors of incoming freshmen in the College of Engineering and check out these charts showing how the introductory courses have grown over time, partly because we have seen an increasing percentage of women.

I have authored or coauthored various papers and textbooks that people might find interesting including:

Stuart Reges
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