I am a second-year Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. I feel very lucky to be supervised by Prof. Su-In Lee.

I got my Master's degree in Computer Engineering in September 2012 from Bogazici University disserting my thesis titled "Biclustering with Nonparametric Bayesian Methods". I studied my Master's under the supervision of Prof. Ali Taylan Cemgil.

I got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University.

! NEWS !

Our paper "Efficient Dimensionality Reduction for High-Dimensional Network Estimation" got accepted to ICML 2014!

I will present our work "Sparse Estimation of Module Gaussian Graphical Models with Applications to Cancer Systems Biology" at NIPS MLCB 2013!

I will be attending MLSS 2013 in Tubingen, Germany between August 26th and September 6th!