Geometry-based Computer Vision (CMU) Prof. Martial Hebert
Physics-based Computer Vision (CMU) Dr. Srinivasa Narasimhan
Learning-based Computer Vision (CMU) Dr. Alexei (Alyosha) Efros
Computer Vision (CMU) Prof. Martial Hebert
Computational Photography (TA) (CMU) Dr. Alexei A. Efros
Computer Vision (IIIT) Dr. C V Jawahar
Computer Graphics (IIIT) Dr. PJ Narayanan
Digital Image Processing (IIIT) Dr. Jayanthi Sivaswamy
Digital Signal Processing (IIIT) Dr. Ramamurthy Garimella

Optimization (CMU) Dr. Carlos Geustrin/Dr. Geoff Gordon
Graphical Models (CMU) Dr. Carlos Geustrin
Machine Learning (CMU) Dr. Carlos Geustrin
Machine Learning (IIIT) Dr. C V Jawahar
Linear Algebra (IIIT) Dr. Rajat Tandon
Pattern Recognition (IIIT) Dr. PJ Narayanan

Mechanics of Manipulation (CMU) Prof. Matt Mason
Mobile Robotics Dr. Madhav Krishna
Multi Robotics Dr. Madhav Krishna
Control Systems Dr. Ramamurthy Garimella
Artificial Intelligence Dr. Rajeev Sangal
Computational Linguistics Dr. Dipti Misra
Research Methodologies Dr. K Srinathan

Presentations (on other people's work)

Review of Co-Training and its applications in vision
Steve Sietz's work on Space Carving
Marshell Tappen's work on Learning Intrinsic Images
Yan Karklin's work on deriving Higher-order Features
Derek Hoiem's work on Geometric Context