Autonomous Image-based Exploration for Mobile Robot Navigation

Image-based navigation paradigms have emerged as an interesting alternative to conventional modelbased methods in mobile robotics. In this work, we augment the existing image-based navigation approaches by presenting a novel image-based exploration algorithm. The algorithm facilitates a mobile robot equipped only with a monocular pan-tilt camera to autonomously explore a typical indoor environment. The algorithm infers frontier information directly from the images and displaces the robot towards regions that are informative for navigation. The frontiers are detected using a geometric context-based segmentation scheme that exploits the natural scene structure in indoor environments. In the due process, a topological graph of the workspace is built in terms of images which can be subsequently utilised for the tasks of localisation, path planning and navigation. Experimental results on a mobile robot in an unmodified laboratory and corridor environments demonstrate the validity of the approach.



"Autonomous Image-based Exploration for Mobile Robot Navigation"
Santosh K. Divvala, Supreeth Achar, C. V. Jawahar
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2008 (Oral Presentation)
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"Vision-based Robot Navigation using an Online Visual Experience"
Santosh K. Divvala
Masters Thesis
Center for Visual Information Technology, IIIT-Hyderbad, July 2007.
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"Cooperative CONDENSATION-based Recognition"
Santosh K. Divvala, C. V. Jawahar
Technical Report