Seungyeop Han (한승엽)

  • Ph.D Student  (2010 ~) @ Networking Lab, CSE.UW
  • Networks Lab (CSE391)
  • Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington, Box 352350
  • Seattle, WA 98195-2350

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  • May.11th ~ May.15th Visiting Santa Ana Pueblo (NM) to attend HotOS 2013. I'll give a presentation!
  • Apr. 26th Our paper on "Expressive Privacy Control with Pseudonyms" is accepted in SIGCOMM 2013!, see you in Hong Kong this summer.
  • Apr. ~ Jul. I'll be interning at Telefonica Research (Barcelona, Spain)! So excited!
  • Mar. 15th Our paper on "The Case for Onloading Continuous High-Datarate Perception to the Phone" is accepted in HotOS 2013!
  • Feb.25th ~ Feb.28th Visiting Jekyll Island (GA) to attend HotMobile workshop. I presented a demo for NLify.
  • Feb.19th ~ Feb.21st Visiting Salt Lake City (UT) to attend a project meeting
  • Feb.15th ~ Feb.16th Visiting San Francisco (CA) for Spanish visa application


  • Sep.4th Our paper on "Structured Sparse Learning of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models" is accepted in NIPS 2012!
  • Aug.8th ~ Aug.10th Attending Usenix Security 2012, which is conveniently held in Bellevue, WA.
  • Jun.11th ~ Sep.7th Interning at MSR (Redmond, WA) for this summer.
  • Apr.24th ~ Apr.27th Visiting San Jose (CA) to attend NSDI 2012. I presented a poster there.
  • Feb.27th ~ Mar.1st Visiting San Diego (CA) to attend HotMobile workshop.
  • Feb.22nd Presented Quals talk, "Tracking the Trackers: A Study of Third-Party Tracking by Mobile Apps in the Wild"