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About Me

I am a Research Scientist at Apple Inc. Prior to this, I was the Director of Research and Education at the UW Reality Lab and a Faculty Lecturer at the University of Washington.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington - Seattle, advised by Prof. Steven Seitz. I was a member of the GRAIL lab, where I worked on problems related to graphics, vision, and human-computer interaction. Most of my research interests lie at the intersection of these areas, particularly in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Prior to my graduate studies, I worked as a developer on various research projects with the Advanced Development and Prototyping group at Microsoft Research India.

I also enjoyed teaching the Fall '18 VR/AR Capstone class at UW.


For my thesis research, I have been investigating ideas around interactive reconstruction and modeling of spaces using mobile devices while in-situ, using augmented reality, with the goal of creating useful 2D and 3D visualizations in real-time. I also have an interest in entrepreneurship and exploring the real world applications of my research, going forward, particularly in the areas of education, skills training, and cultural heritage preservation.

Selected Publications

Interactive Room Capture on 3D-Aware Mobile Devices
Aditya Sankar, Steven M. Seitz
Proceedings of the 30th Annual ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), 2017

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In Situ CAD Capture
Aditya Sankar, Steven M. Seitz
Proceedings of the International Conference on Human-computer Interaction with Mobile Devices (MobileHCI), 2016

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Capturing Indoor Scenes with Smartphones
Aditya Sankar, Steven M. Seitz
Proceedings of ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), 2012

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Being John Malkovich
Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, Aditya Sankar, Eli Shechtman, and Steven M. Seitz
Proceedings of European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2010

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An Interactive Multimedia Framework for Digital Heritage Narratives
Neeharika Adabala, Naren Datha, Joseph Joy, Chinmay Kulkarni, Ajay Manchepalli, Aditya Sankar, and Rebecca Walton
Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM), 2010

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• Indoor Scene Capture System, A. Sankar, S. Seitz., filed, under review, 2014 (Contact for licensing opportunities)
• Sensor Fusion Interface for Multiple Sensor Input, A. Sankar, W. Portnoy., US Patent Issued, 2016
• Experience Streams for Rich Interactive Narratives, J. Joy, N. Datha, E. Stollnitz, A. Sankar, et. al., US Patent Issued, 2015
• Generalized Interactive Narratives, A. Sankar, J. Joy, A. Prasad, N. Datha., US Patent Issued, 2011

Other Projects

Interactive Data Visualization in Virtual Reality

VR Data Visualization

A system for interactive data visualization using virtual reality. Developed with Unity.

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Estimating Chair Pose with Conv-nets

Estimating Chair Pose with Conv-nets

Using CNNs to determine furniture orientation

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Security Analysis via mouse movement

Blind Mice

Analysis of side-channel attacks during web browsing via mouse movement.

Report »
Active photobrowsing user study

Active Photo Browsing

A user-study to understand and improve ways people interact with photo collections.

Paper »

Digital Hertiage Project

Digital Heritage

Novel techniques to efficiently capture various aspects of India's diverse heritage

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TerraMercuria: Music Visualizer


Music visualizer that represents pitch, loudness, tempo as a dynamic terrain.

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A programming contest website, that allows users to create custom challenges.

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I have designed brochures, logos and websites for previous projects, past organizations.

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CSE481V: VR Capstone, 2018 —  Capstone project class where students built AR/VR apps using Windows MR and Magic Leap One.
CSE481V: VR Capstone, 2016 —  Capstone project class where students built AR/VR apps using HoloLens, Oculus and Vive.
CSE557: Computer Graphics, 2015 —  Graduate Computer Graphics course.
CSE557: Computer Graphics, 2014 —  Graduate Computer Graphics course.


I'm originally from New Delhi, India. In my spare time, I love to play music, travel, ride my motorcycle (s) and climb mountains. I have had the pleasure of climbing several mountains in the Pacific Northwest with a great group of people from The Mountaineers. Some of my favorite trip memories are below:

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