PhD Students

Our group is always looking for highly motivated PhD students and I am looking forward to recruiting a couple of new students in 2022. If you are interested, I encourage you to apply to the PhD program at the Allen School at the University of Washington and mention my name in your application.

Note: If you are interested in working with me and would like to reach out over email please do not do so before submitting your application. Our program is highly competitive and admissions decisions are ultimately made by a committee. I understand the effort that goes into the application process and I cannot evaluate the chances of a student getting in. For these reasons, I am uncomfortable directly encouraging anyone to apply to the program. If you want to know if I'm recruiting this year (2022) the answer is YES! If you have any other questions about the logistics of the application process, we have a very responsive team of advising staff who can help. They can be reached at

That said, I would love to hear about your interest in my group after you submit your application! The easiest way to do this is by simply mentioning my name in your application - you will be asked to select names of professors you are interested in working with and it’s a great idea to select more than one, but do make sure to include mine. If you want to drop me a personal email, the best time to email me is late December or early January, but as long as your application is complete, I would be excited to hear from you.

In the meantime, let me tell you about my group:

I am generally interested in developing fundamental algorithms and tools to solve problems in computational design. I am looking for students with a strong mathematical and computational background and previous experience in either geometry processing, machine learning, programming languages, robotics, physical simulation, or some combination thereof. While some (the minority) of my students had previous experience or interest in fabrication, what they all have in common now is an interest in solving the mathematical and computational challenges related to computational design that are motivated by our exciting new manufacturing revolution.

One project that I am hoping to recruit students for this year lies at the intersection of geometric learning and symbolic reasoning with applications in computational design. That said, I am also excited to recruit students who have a broad interest in computer graphics research---I myself started my PhD with an “open mind” and I’m very happy I did because I love the topic I ended up choosing!

I am part of the awesome Computer Graphics and Imaging Lab at UW (GRAIL) and we are always happy to co-advise students. Since my work is interdisciplinary, I also enjoy co-advising outside GRAIL. There are great opportunities at UW for co-advising and, in particular, we have a wonderful PL team, Fabrication team, and Robotics team who I recruit with.

I am extremely passionate about research and I find great joy in my work, so group culture means a lot to me. I am looking for students from diverse backgrounds, who are hard-working, inquisitive, passionate, collaborative, and kind.

Undergraduate students

I am excited to work with undergrads, but in my experience, undergraduates are successful when paired with grad students who can mentor them directly. I encourage all of my PhD students and Post-docs to work with highly-motivated undergrads so if you are interested in my lab, please contact one of my students directly to see if there’s a good match for you! Doing exceptionally well in CSE 457 is not a prerequisite to joining my group, though highly encouraged.


Postdoc positions are very limited, but if you are interested in a position please email me directly.