UW AI/ML Website How-To

1. Log in

Use the link at the bottom of the page. Contact Abe (afriesen@cs) if you should be on these lists but don't have a CSE account.

2. Update your profile

If you're already on the AI or ML people lists, go there to upload a photo. Otherwise:

  • CSE faculty and post-docs: use the 'People' menu above.
  • CSE grads: use this secret magic page. Let me know if you run into permissions problems.
  • Non-CSE people: contact me.

Click the [Edit] link under your name. Check 'ai' and/or 'ml' to appear in the corresponding lists. You can also upload a photo, enter a research blurb, change your URL, and so on.

3. Add and update content

Use the menu that showed up at the very top of the page to add papers ('Biblio') and projects. Enter the appropriate sub-area tags.

Also, please add sub-area tags to existing papers and projects, and mark dead projects as inactive using the brand new 'active' checkbox. Existing papers and projects can be edited from the AI and ML publication and project lists. Locating these lists is left as an exercise for the reader.