Aishwarya Mandyam

I am a Masters student at the University of Washington in the MISL Lab, where I research, T/A, and take classes. I am currently applying to PhD programs.

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I'm interested in computational biology and applied machine learning. I've grown in to these interests over the last five years.

Aptamer Pursuit: Designing aptamers that have a high binding affinity to peptides
Aishwarya Mandyam, Luis Ceze, Jeff Nivala, Kevin Jamieson,
Masters Thesis, 2020

This project attempts to characterize a relationship between binding aptamers and peptides. We use Natural Language Processing on Biological Data

Molecular Tagging with nanopore-orthogonal DNA strands
Katie Doroschak, Karen Zhang, Aishwarya Mandyam, Melissa Queen, Karin Strauss, Luis Ceze, Jeff Nivala,
DNA25, 2019   (Publication Pending)

Building a robust, low density concept for DNA barcoding and storage.

Reducing Identification Time in a Molecular Tagging System
Aishwarya Mandyam, Katie Doroschak, Karen Zhang, Melissa Queen, Karin Strauss, Luis Ceze, Jeff Nivala,
GHC, 2019   (Poster and Oral Presentation)

Evaluating the results of sequencing from nanopore phasing on custom DNA barcodes to determine their effectiveness and designing new DNA barcodes based on the error analysis results.

Using Deep Neural Networks to Detect Blood Vessels in Portal Ultrasound Devices
Aishwarya Mandyam, Xin Liu, Dmitry Belenko, Eric Lee, Davin Dhatt, Vu Ha
GHC, 2019   (Publication Pending)

Creating computer vision models to identify veins and arteries on ultrasound videos


I've also had a number of wonderful internships at different companies.

Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence March 2019- September 2019

Sage Bionetworks September 2018- March 2019

Microsoft June 2018-September 2018

Microsoft June 2017-September 2017

Microsoft June 2016-September 2016

Expedia June 2015- August 2015

Leadership + Service
DubHacks Co-Director 2016-2017

UW ACM 2016-2018

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