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 2005 Tablet PC's in Higher Education Workshop
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2005 Tablet PCs in Higher Education Workshop

July 20 - 21, 2005. Seattle, Washington


Wednesday, July 20

Thursday, July 21

Participant Project Links

  • Classroom Presenter: A Tablet PC classroom presentation system developed at University of Washington.
  • Denim: An informal tool for early stage web site and UI design.
  • Topiary: A tool for prototyping location-enhanced applications
  • Design Rationale: MIT's ink understanding project.
  • SketchPoint and other projects: Yang Li's ink based projects and prototypes.
  • DyKnow VISION: A pen-based classroom interaction system that extends earlier research by Dave Berque
  • Cross Y: A digital ink drawing application based on the crossing interaction method instead of point and click.
  • Cornell 3D-Journal: A 3-D sketching tool that reconstructs spatial geometry from a single 2-D sketch in real time.
  • Active Campus UCSD's exploration in community-oriented ubiquitous computing.
  • DuplexCourse management including Tablet PC based assignment grading.
  • E-TextAn electronic text book project that integrates the best features of paper textbooks into an electronic framework.
  • ConferenceXP An initiative of Microsoft Research's Learning Sciences and Technology group exploring wireless classrooms, collaboration, and distance learning.
  • Adaptive Book Project A C#/.net smart client for viewing, marking up and collaborating on XML based digital books.

2004 Tablet PCs in Higher Education Workshop

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