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Anne Spencer Ross

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Current Projects

Atomic Brunette

Learn a language like the fate of the world depends on it.

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You are Agent Brunette. Your mission: speak to suspects around the world to get information needed to retrieve "The List." But beware, if you are discovered, the mission (and your life) will be compromised!

This Occus Touch project was begun as part of the Seattle VR Hackathon 6, where our team won "Feature Prize - Language Learning in VR / AR." Using Rosetta Stone's language API, we created a game to learn langague in an exciting and engaging way. As Agent Brunette, you practice intro Spanish phrases as "secret code" to get information from informants. However, if your speaking isn't fluent enough (including saying enough words with proper pronunciation and inflection) the mission is ended.


So far, we have the "tutorial" level, where your handler and remote operative earpiece explain the mission and send you to El Salvador!

Check out our DevPost of the hackathon project here.

Past Creative Projects

As You Wish: A Musical Parody of The Princess Bride

A full length, musical parody of a cult favorite! We showed the feature twice, raising over $720 for Hole in the Wall Camps, a summer camp for children with significant illnesses.

Vizzini holds Buttercup hostage from Westley as Humperdink looks ons

Cherry Blossoms on the UW campus