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I'm addicted to Sport. If you've got a piece of that squash/basketball/ultimate/tennis/soccer/football action, I want a hit.

My favorite author for this minute is Donald Barthelme. Listen: I bought a little city.

My favorite quote for this second is by Susan Sontag (in the story "American Spirits"):

"Want to continue to live like this?" he asked.
"Sure!" Since childhood, Miss Flatface had always said "Sure!" when she wasn't. "Who'd want to live different? I can hardly imagine it," she went on, with a tremor of anxiety at this untimely chain of consequtive words.
"Ah my dear," sighed Mr. Obscenity, sitting upright amid the damp, rumpled sheets and patting Miss Flatface on the thigh. "I'm afraid you've had it. One must never think that no other life than this is possible. All other lives are imaginable, possible, even probable."

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