"Come here often, Haven't seen you around, Like your smile, your eyes, your hair, how you don't have any make up on, your style," the lines coursed through young Nagatani's head as he closed the distance to her. A million meaningless excuses to start something meaningless, and none of them ever seemed good enough. If there's one thing that he knew about The Game though, it was this: hesitation always hurts. So he continued to hone in on his target with casual but purposeful strides. As he slid in to the seat next to her, he made sure he brushed past her ever so slightly. It was his way of serving her notice. The Man was here.

She noticed him walking up with that familiar swagger that could mean only one thing. "God, put your cock away", was the first thought that came to her mind. Still, she was flattered. Stella was a stunner, a perfect 10 in every man's book. This meant that only one kind of guy approached her: the kind of guy who was so in love with himself that he thought he could actually have her.

Nagatani's opening salvo was safe: "I like popscicles."

"Me too," Stella replied coyly.

"Can I see your watch?", Nagatani prodded. It was a bit forward, but she relented. "Aunt Sheila gave it to me," she said as she showed him.

He tried to play with the dials but got bored pretty quickly.

"You wanna go on the slide?", "Nah I'm waiting for my sister", she parried, "We're gonna go get chocolate ice cream."

"K, bye" said Nagatani as he made his exit.

"Fuckin lesbian bitch", he thought to himself as he climbed up the slide.