Adam Geller

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Washington School of Computer Science and Engineering.

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I've had the amazing opportunity to work with and learn from top researchers as an undergraduate at the University of Washington. I highly recommend getting involved with research as an undergraduate if possible. It is great experience and will help you figure out if graduate school is right for you.

Cassius & VizAssert

Cassius is a tool for automated reasoning about webpage layout. It models the specification for much of CSS2, and has novel ways of reasoning about many features of CSS2, including floating layout, line-height, and margin-collapsing. My work on Cassius has mainly involved work improving or adding to our specification of CSS. Notable features I've worked on include:

VizAssert is a DSL that uses Cassius' understanding of webpage layout to allow developers to verify visual behavior of webpages. Developers can use VizAssert to make their own assertions, or use examples that we provide based off of accessibility and usability guidelines. My work on VizAssert has included testing assertions and making a couple of new assertions based off of my work on line-height, as well as my work on Cassius. VizAssert recently had a paper accepted to PLDI! Come hear about Cassius and VizAssert!