Gagan Bansal

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Allen School of the University of Washington, Seattle. I conduct interdisciplinary research on Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction, with emphasis on human-centered AI, i.e., developing AI systems that aim to assist and improve user performance instead of replacing them for pure automation. My advisor is Dan Weld and I am part of the UW Lab for Human-AI Interaction. I can be reached at {lastname}


  1. Human Evaluation of Spoken vs. Visual Explanations for Open-Domain QA
    Ana Valeria González, Gagan Bansal, Angela Fan, Yashar Mehdad, Robin Jia, and Srinivasan Iyer
    ArXiv-Preprint 2021
  2. Does the Whole Exceed its Parts? The Effect of AI Explanations on Complementary Team Performance
    Gagan Bansal*, Tongshuang Wu*, Joyce Zhou, Raymond Fok, Besmira Nushi, Ece Kamar, Marco Tulio Ribeiro, Daniel S. Weld
    CHI 2021
  3. Is the Most Accurate AI the Best Teammate? Optimizing AI for Teamwork
    Gagan Bansal, Besmira Nushi, Ece Kamar, Eric Horvitz, Daniel S. Weld
    AAAI 2021
  4. Data Staining: A Method for Comparing Faithfulness of Explainers
    Jacob Sippy, Gagan Bansal, Daniel S. Weld
    ICML-WHI 2020
  5. Beyond Accuracy: On the Role of Mental Models in Human-AI Teams
    Gagan Bansal, Besmira Nushi, Ece Kamar, Walter Lasecki, Daniel S. Weld, Eric Horvitz
    HCOMP 2019
  6. Updates in Human-AI Teams: Undertanding and Addressing the Performance/Compatibility Tradeoff
    Gagan Bansal, Besmira Nushi, Ece Kamar, Walter Lasecki, Daniel S. Weld, Eric Horvitz
    AAAI 2019
  7. The Challenge of Crafting Intelligible Intelligence
    Daniel S. Weld, Gagan Bansal.
    CACM 2018
  8. Explanatory Dialogs: Towards Actionable, Interactive Explanations
    Gagan Bansal.
    Extended Abstract at AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society 2018
  9. A Coverage-Based Utility Model for Identifying Unknown Unknowns
    Gagan Bansal, Daniel S. Weld.
    AAAI 2018
  10. Hierarchical Summarization: Scaling-Up Multi-Document Summarization
    Janara Christensen, Stephen Soderland, Gagan Bansal, Mausam.
    ACL 2014


  • Prithvi Tarale (Autumn 2020-Present)
  • Joyce Zhou (Co-advised with Dan Weld, Autumn 2019-Summer 2020)
  • Jacob Sippy (Co-advised with Dan Weld, Autumn 2018-Summer 2020)
  • Lynsey Liu & Ziyao Huang (Co-advised with Jonathan Bragg, Autumn 2017-2018)
  • Diana Iftimie (Co-advised with Dan Weld, Winter 2017)