I’m a fifth-year PhD candidate in the PLSE and UNSAT groups at the University of Washington, advised by Emina Torlak, Dan Grossman, and Luis Ceze. I work on programming languages and formal methods, with an emphasis on building scalable automated reasoning tools for program verification and synthesis.

I have a masters from UW and a bachelors from the Australian National University. I’ve also spent time at Microsoft Research and Amazon Web Services. I’m grateful to be supported by a Facebook PhD Fellowship.


24 August 2018

Our paper on profiling symbolic evaluation engines will appear at OOPSLA 2018! The new symbolic profiler is integrated into Rosette, so you can try it out right now.

2 August 2018

Can you train a neural network using an SMT solver?

Yes, and I did, but you shouldn’t.

10 July 2018

Building a Program Synthesizer

Build a program synthesis tool, to generate programs from specifications, in 20 lines of code using Rosette.

18 December 2017

I was interviewed for the People of Programming Languages series at POPL 2018.


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