I’m a fourth-year computer science PhD student in the PLSE group at the University of Washington, advised by Emina Torlak, Dan Grossman, and Luis Ceze. I work on programming languages and formal methods, with an emphasis on new automated program synthesis and verification techniques.

I have a masters from UW, a bachelors from the Australian National University, and was a software engineer at Microsoft Research.


2 August 2018

Can you train a neural network using an SMT solver?

Yes, and I did, but you shouldn’t.

10 July 2018

Building a Program Synthesizer

Build a program synthesis tool, to generate programs from specifications, in 20 lines of code using Rosette.

18 January 2018

I was lucky enough to receive a 2018 Facebook Fellowship!

18 December 2017

I was interviewed for the People of Programming Languages series at POPL 2018.


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