Lauren Bricker pink photo

True Facts* About Lauren Bricker

Here are some true facts about your instructor, Lauren Bricker.........

The Deets

Old computer lab photo

While she won't directly tell you her age, she'll likely admit she's old enough to have programmed on a TRS-80 back in high school.

old web site

She also recently found her old website, which was dated only a few years after the first webserver was installed in CSE (click to enlarge). Her newer web page is here.


She will admit she is old enough to have a very cute Grandpuppy named Sadie.


Biking Made it to the top of Grouse Grind

She may or may not like the color purple. She does, however, love riding her bike and will begrudinginly run to keep in shape for said bike riding. She recently did complete the Grouse Grind in Vancouver BC.

In her "copious" spare time she likes to do a lot of art work, particularly ceramics, knitting, or playing with her new toy, a laser cutter.

Throwing pots at Yurist Studio


She can often be found at a beach. Any beach.

Camano Island sunset

Mammal cloud

Your instructor has quite a large mammal cloud, although many of them have chosen to leave the nest.

Jack Whitney

She has two cats that often get in the way of her getting any work done by insisting on sitting in her lap at all hours. Whitney who is over 17 years old, and Jack, who we think is 12. Whitney is quite sweet and loves to cuddle. Jack is mostly 8 lbs of fur and a resonating chamber... and not very much brain.

Stephen with cats

She has an incredibly supportive partner who takes care of a LOT of things, including feeding said cats when she is tending to her Geek Generating duties.

She has two kids, one is a UW CSE grad, and one is a sophomore at UW this year. Both will sometimes acknowledge her existence, particularly when they want to borrow the car for a frisbee tournament or the like. Both are living in Seattle.

Stephen also has two kids who come and go through the house. One is a Junior at UW Bothell and one is a Freshperson at the University of Vermont.

When everyone is here it is much louder than it is right now. And the refridgerator is a lot more packed. And there's a lot more junk food in the house.

Advice she would give to the students in this class

Have Fun! You'll learn a lot in this class and it will be a great place to also express yourself!

Make use of all of your resources including lectures, sections, labs, WPL and your TAs, and office hours.

Give yourself enough time on every assignment. This includes giving yourself enough time to practice the concepts you learn in class. Don't wait until the last minute to start homeworks, these are VERY complicated assignments.

She has perfected the teacher look

You really don't want to be on the receiving end of this face...

Frustrated look

... or this one...

Ummm No look

Although this one is just Majestic AF

Majestic AF