Bruce Hemingway
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington
185 Stevens Way, Mailstop 352350 
Seattle, Washington, 98195 

Office Phone: (206) 543-6274     Office: Allen Center, Room CSE 464
Lab Office Phone: (206) 616-4798              Lab Office: CSE 003A
FAX:  (206) 543-2969              e-mail: bruceh@cs.washington.edu

As a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, I have taught CSE 466, Software for Embedded Systems, CSE 481i, Sound Capstone, CSE 480s, Digital Sound Engineering, CSE 467, Advanced Digital Design and CSE 131, Digital Photography.

I am also the Manager of the Baxter Computer Engineering Laboratory (also known as the Hardware Lab) which supports the digital design and embedded systems courses in CSE. These courses cover a wide range of integrated system design topics and include the use of hardware design and test equipment, computer-aided design (CAD) tools, and embedded systems development tools. 

My current interests include:

exploring noise-reduction and interpolation techniques for digital photography...

the development of autonomous computer-music generators that will sense my mood from physiological indicators and produce music that I increasingly like...

Flock, the movie... --- Swarms, the movie...---Swarms Installation with Hugo Solis

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