My name is Chandrakana Nandi.

I am a graduate student in the PLSE group in Computer Science and Engineering at University of Washington, Seattle. I am currently working with Dan Grossman and Zachary Tatlock.


During summer 2016, I interned in the RiSE group at Microsoft Research where I work on probabilistic programming with Kathryn S. McKinley, Todd Mytkowicz and Adrian Sampson. Before this, I have worked with Michael Ernst on ensuring the correctness and security of home automation systems by verifying end-user written rules using static analysis.

In the past, I have also done research on component-based software engineering, model transformations, real-time systems, and analysis of worst case execution times using statistical inference.

My undergraduate thesis was on social network based behaviorial analysis using statisical hypothesis testing. .


About me

I have a master degree in Computer Science from EPFL, Switzerland. I received the Swiss Government Fellowship and was accepted by Prof. Joseph Sifakis for the M.Sc Research Scholar's program at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences of EPFL, for funding my masters. I did my masters thesis with Prof. Viktor Kuncak, in collaboration with Dr. Manuel Oriol in ABB Corporate Research. I did my undergraduate in Mathematical Statistics from Banaras Hindu University, India and received the University gold medal for graduating first in my year in the entire Faculty of Science.

I am involved in the ACM-W mentorship program under which I mentor female computer science undergraduates students.



Peer reviewed conferences and workshops

  • Chandrakana Nandi, Michael D. Ernst. Automatic Trigger Generation for Rule-based Smart Homes. PLAS 2016. To appear.
  • Chandrakana Nandi. Automatic Trigger Generation for End User Written Rules for Home Automation. FSE 2016 SRC. To appear.
  • Chandrakana Nandi. Correctness and Security for Home Automation. POPL 2016 SRC. poster pdf
  • Chandrakana Nandi, Aurelien Monot, Manuel Oriol. Stochastic Contracts for Runtime Checking of Component-based Real-time Systems. CBSE 2015. pdf
  • Theses and technical reports

  • Chandrakana Nandi. Contracts for Real-Time, Safety Critical Systems, Masters Thesis, EPFL, August 2014. pdf
  • Chandrakana Nandi. Social Network based Analysis of Behavior, Bachelors Thesis, BHU, April 2012. pdf
  • Contact me

    The best way to reach me is by email:

    My postal address is:
    Computer Science & Engineering,
    University of Washington
    AC101 Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering, Box 352350,
    185 Stevens Way
    Seattle WA 98195-2350