Research groups in related areas

The Physics of Computation Laboratory at The California Institute of Technology
The Analog Computation Group at the University of Florida. John Harris's group
The Analog VLSI for Perception Group at EPFL. Eric Vittoz' Group
The Circuits, Systems and Artificial Neural Networks Laboratory at Michigan State University. Fathi Salam's group
The Computational Neuroscience Laboratory at Johns Hopkins. Ernst Niebur's group
Fred Reike's group at UW. He studies Signal transduction in the visual system
Institute for Theoretical Computer Science at Technische Universitšt Graz, Austria. (Wolfgang Maass' home page)
Institutt for informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo (Tor "Bassen" Lande's group)
John Elias' home page at the University of Delaware. (Neuromorphic Systems group)
The Koch Lab at Caltech. Christof Koch's group
The Laurent Lab at Caltech. Gilles Laurent's group
The Microsystems Research Group at Caltech. Rod Goodman's group
The Neuromorphic Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Steve DeWeerth's group
The NeuroInformatics Group at ETH in Zurich. The group of Rodney Douglas,  Kevin Martin, and others
NSF Workshops on Neuromorphic Engineering. The Telluride Workshop home page
The Sensory Communication and Analog VLSI Laboratories at Johns Hopkins. The group of Andreas Andreou, Gert Cauwenberghs, and others
The VLSI Systems Lab at Stanford. Mike Godfrey's group
The Higgins Lab at Arizona.  Chuck Higgins does neuromorphic vision and robotic systems.

Other related or interesting pages

Alireza Moini's Page on Vision Chips
The Analog VLSI and Robotics Lab at Indiana University
Applied Neurodynamics : Steve Deiss' company builds of a lot of hardware for address-event communications
The Computation and Neural Systems program at Caltech
Danny Banks Home page. He develops insertable thin film microelectrodes for neural-signal recording
The Institute for Scientific Computing Research at Lawrence Livermore Labs
The MIT AI Lab
The Molecular Neuroscience Program at Caltech
The Nanotechnology Web Site at Xerox PARC
Neural Adaptive Control Technology. a joint undertaking of Daimler-Benz and Glasgow University. Studies adaptive control and neural networks
Purkinje Park, The BowerLand Lab at Caltech. Jim Bower's group. The Genesis Neural Simulator is here
Synaptics research in silicon valley
The UTCS Neural Networks Research Group at the University of Texas at Austin
The VLSI Program at New Mexico State University

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