Biologically Inspired Computation

A talk presented on 10/15/99 to the
Business and Technology Roundtable in Seattle, WA

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Table of Contents

Biologically Inspired Computation
Both machines process information...
Digital circuitry implements mathematics
Tenets of digital computation
Why are computer chips silicon?
Siliconís future?
Computationally intractable problems remain
Nature is telling us something...
Consider animal brains
Neurons: Nature's computing primitives
Fundamental tenets of neuronal computation
A hypothesis
How might we attack ill-posed problems
A golden opportunity
Beyond semiconductor scaling...
We don't know how...
Research opportunities
1. Theoretical CS and neurobiology
One of Natureís clues
2. Use microelectronics to probe neurobiology
Implantable computers
Silicon for intracellular recording
3. Modeling ICs after neurobiology
Learning arrays in silicon
Silicon learning can mimic biology
Many potential spinoffs
Leveraging our investment
Author: Chris Diorio 


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