Floating-Gate MOS Learning Systems

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Table of Contents

Floating-Gate MOS Learning Systems
Local computation and learning
Why mimic biology?
Synapse transistors
Floating-Gate MOSFETs
Increasing Q: Electron tunneling
Decreasing Q: Electron injection
An n-channel synapse transistor
A synapse transistor multiplies
Local learning?
Weight-update rule(s)
A generic learning array
A specific learning array
Constrained local learning
Simultaneous computation and learning
Silicon learning can emulate neurobiology
A p-channel synapse transistor
pFET tunneling and injection physics
pFET-synapse tunneling and injection data
pFET-synapse weight-update rule
Spinoff applications
An nFET-based memory cell
A pFET-based autozeroing amplifier
Author: Chris Diorio 

Email: diorio@cs.washington.edu 

Home Page: http://www.cs.washington.edu/people/faculty/diorio/