Direct and Indirect Frequency Synthesis in the 0.520GHz Frequency Range

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Table of Contents

Direct and Indirect Frequency Synthesis in the 0.520 GHz Frequency Range 
Synthesizer Theory 
DDS Block Diagram 
Direct Digital Synthesis 
Direct Digital Synthesis (Con't) 
PLL Block Diagram 
Indirect Frequency Synthesis 
Summary of Loop Transfer Functions 
Sample Noise Plot 
Insights on Indirect Synthesis 
Fractional PLL Block Diagram 
An Alternative Fractional Synthesis 
Hybrid Synthesizer Block Diagram 
Hybrid Synthesis 
Synthesizer Technology 
GaAs/AlGaAs HBT Technology 
GaAs/AlGaAs HBTs 
The GaAs/AlGaAs Process 
Direct Synthesis: A Sinewave Generator 
Direct Synthesis: A Low-Spurious DAC 
Direct Synthesis: Performance 
Indirect Synthesis: The FSP IC 
Indirect Synthesis: FSP-4 
Indirect Synthesis: FSP-5 
Future Directions 
InP HBT Technology  
Future Directions: Synthesizers
Authors: Chris Diorio / Todd Humes 


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