Why Neuromorphic Engineering?

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Table of Contents

Why Neuromorphic Engineering?
The brain
Neuromorphic engineering
Why neuromorphic engineering?
Can we analyze it?
Digital computers process information
Animal brains process information too
Both compute
The difference...
Brains may be more than computers...
The difference?
Why engineers should study biology
Reason 1: Understanding neural computation 
Energy efficiency as a metric
Where does the energy go?
Digital closes in on analog...
Inefficient primitives
Reason 2: The end of semiconductor scaling
Loss mechanisms
An aside: Neurobiology is interconnect
Where does the end of scaling leave us?
Hypothesis #1
Hypothesis #2
Artificial neural silicon?
Neuromorphic engineering today
The verdict (1999): Mixed
Neuromorphic engineering
Understanding the representation
A broadened definition
Golden opportunities
Author: Chris Diorio 

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