Dhruv Jain

DJ is an inventor.

DJ is a computer scientist.

DJ is a scuba instructor.

DJ graduated from MIT Media Lab and IIT Delhi.

DJ is a first year CSE PhD student at UW Seattle.

DJ is advised by highly passionate Prof Jon Froehlich.

DJ traveled the world for a year 2016-2017.

DJ is an accessibility and Virtual Reality researcher.

DJ invented a Scuba Diving Simulator.

DJ is making new communication mediums for deaf people.

DJ actively teaches rapid innovation around the world.

DJ has students between 7 to 63 years of age.

DJ was Google Lime Scholar for the year 2015-2016.

DJ has papers in UIST CHI'15 CHI'16 ASSETS and Persuasive.

DJ maintains a résumé and his old website portfolio for you.

DJ would love an email from you.