About me

I am a third year PhD student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle. I work in accessibility and augmented & virtual reality with my advisers Jon Froehlich and Leah Findlater. Broadly, I am intersted in using technology to support sound awareness for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Before coming to UW, I completed my Masters from MIT Media Lab and bachelors from IIT Delhi. In 2016-2017, I also did a one year backpacking tour, visiting 23 countries and earning my scuba instructor certificate. Check out our recent award wining autoethnography research paper on my experiences as a hard of hearing traveler. Finally, I was a Google Lime Scholar in 2015-16. Email me for questions, collaboration or casual coffee at djain [at] cs [dot] uw [dot] edu.


I work in accessibility, augmented & virtual reality and more generally, Human Computer Interaction. My papers can be found below. Please inform me if any document is not accessible to you.


Autoethnography of a hard of hearing traveler

Exploring sound awareness in the home

Towards accessible conversations in a mobile context

Immersive scuba diving simulator using virtual reality‚Äč

HMD Visualizations to Support Sound Awareness