I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Washington. I am part of the sampa group and am advised by Mark Oskin.

I am interested in understanding and improving the performance of complex architectures. Another one of my research interests is making complex architectures easier to program while maintaining high performance. I have worked on code generation targetting various parallel architectures and have created methodologies and built tools to better understand the behavior and performance of GPUs.

More information: curriculum vitae, email


Profiling A GPU Database Implementation.
Emily Furst, Mark Oskin, Bill Howe.
In DaMoN (2017).
paper (pdf), bibtex

Parallelizing Instance-Based Data Classifiers.
Imad Rahal, Emily Furst, Ramzi Haraty.
In Intl. Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS) (2016).