My teaching and research are both focused on the architecture, design and implementation of hardware systems, especially reconfigurable platforms. I am currently working on a new research project to develop a programming model and system compiler for executing large data/compute-intensive applications on large-scale reconfigurable platforms.

Current graduate students

Corey Olson
Stephen Friedman
Brian Van Essen
Ben Ylvisaker

Former students

Akshay Sharma
Song Li (MS)
Kevin Rennie (MS)
Darren Cronquist
Soha Hassoun
Neil McKenzie
Scott Hauck
Brian Lockyear





Carl Ebeling's Home Page

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington
Box 352350 [express mail: Allen Center]
Seattle, WA 98195-2350 USA
+1 (206) 543-9342 [voice and voice mail]
+1 (206) 543-2969 [FAX]
email: ebeling☺cs·washington·edu (professional)
Office: Allen Center 590

Teaching 2010-2011

Fall - CSE 352 Hardware Design and Implementation
Winter – CSE467 Advanced Logic Design
Spring – CSE567 Digital Systems Design Design

Configurable Systems Seminar - 591N

Current Research Projects

Previous research projects

  • Architectural retiming (Soha Hassoun )

  • Pathfinder - Performance-optimizing FPGA router (Larry McMurchie)

  • Low-latency network interface for Chaos routers (Neil McKenzie)

  • Emerald - Architecture-independent FPGA evaluation tools (Larry McMurchie, Darren Cronquist)

  • Retiming of Latch-Based Circuits (Brian Lockyear)

  • Triptych - FPGA architecture optimized for datapath circuits (Scott Hauck, Gaetano Borriello)

  • Subgemini - Subgraph isomorphism for finding circuit components (Wayne Ohlrich, Eka Ginting)

  • Gemini and Gemini2 - Graph isomorphism for comparing circuit graphs, aka LVS

  • WireLisp and WireC - (Zhanbing Wu, Larry McMurchie)

Courses I have taught recently:

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