Designing the Bio-Signals Processing Lab Course

Job Description

Professor Liz Orwin at HMC asked me to lead the design of a sophomore level lab based course. The objective of the course is for students to get hands on experience with signal processing and biology.

My Contribution

I was responsible for deciding the material the students will learn and develop the corresponding material such as prelab to teach core matlab skills. Through the course of a summer I came up with 4 experiments involving the eye (EOG), muscle (EMG), heart (ECG), and the brain (EEG), each designed to teach the student a different concept of signal processing. I also proctored the lab and helped students debug Matlab and taught them to think about the biological system that produces the signal

The Most Rewarding Part

I got a chance to share my experience in both the health monitoring project and the eog page scrolling application to the students. Seeing real and practical applications of the concepts they were studying really excited/motivated the students


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My Vision

Happy Students In Class