HemaApp: Noninvasive Blood Screening of Hemoglobin using a Smartphone Camera


Currently, options to monitor hemoglobin include a full blood analysis using a complete blood count (CBC), blood analysis using a finger prick, or optical measurements through the finger using a specialized finger. Noninvasive measurement is desirable for both sanitation and ease of use when measuring frequently because it avoids puncturing the skin. A bloodscreening tool based on unmodified smartphones has the added advantage of being easily deployable and enables previously unconsidered treatment management optionsgiven the lack of such technology.


A smartphone hemoglobin test is convenient for at-home monitoring and does not require a patient to purchase a specialized blood testing device that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars. This allows both the patient and the doctor to track the effectiveness of these treatments much more easily and frequently.

Our system enables hemoglobin measurement through a chromatic analysis of the blood at the user’s fingertip by measuring the absorption properties of the blood at different wavelengths of light. This is achieved by using the RGB camera with different light sources illuminating the fingertip.




Ubicomp 2016 Paper (Best Paper Award)


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