about me and my vision

Checking My Health like the Way I Check the Weather

We check our health when we find the need to. And when we don't, we're just too busy with our lives to care. Until something hurts, then we remember.

I want to fuse the design mentality of leveraging natural interactions with the way we interact with our health information. I envision that the acquisition of health data will move away periodic checkups and at best daily measurements. Instead our health information will be monitored through our usual activities and the information presented to us without us searching for it. Imagine after going through your normal morning routine of brushing your teeth, going to the restroom, and brewing that first cup of coffee, you pick up the morning news and see your health information presented to you on the front page, letting you know how your cardiovascular functions are fairing and whether your knees are health enough for a 18-hole golf game.

measure my body like we measure the weather, continuously and comprehensively

In order to achieve this, we need to quantify the signals (energy expenditure, amount of sleep, stress, temperature/humidity/light, etc) and the system (Heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality)

My PhD research focuses on this grand vision by (1)lowering the barrier to adoption by integrating health sensing capabilities into everyday objects, (2) uncovering trends in the effects of our daily activities and life choices on our health