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Ciao! Hola! Hello!

I'm a third year PhD student in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington. I bring together HCI, data science, and programming languages.

Currently, I'm excited to work on tools to conduct replicable and valid statistical analyses quickly.

Broadly, I am interested in understanding research and data science practices and developing tools to support more effective practices.

I'm advised by Jeff Heer and Rene Just.

Before coming to UW: I completed dual B.S. degrees in cognitive science and computer science at Vanderbilt University. For my honors thesis, I studied visual perception (Gibsonian affordances) in virtual environments with advisement from Bobby Bodenheimer and John Rieser.

Who am I?: When I am not online or dancing down the sidewalk, I can be found with a book at a local cafe (winter), sitting at a park bench with a popsicle (spring & summer), and walking around the lakes (fall). All year round, I also love observing people engaged in different creative practices (e.g., glassblowing, dance, cooking, woodworking, etc.) and using them as alternative framings for human-computer interaction.

If you happen upon the city and would like to chat, please ping or ring me! Coffee on me, of course. :)


Latent Space Cartography: Visual Analysis of Vector Space Embeddings
Yang Liu, Eunice Jun, Qisheng Li, and Jeffrey Heer
Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis) PDF

Digestif: Promoting Science Communication in Online Experiments
Eunice Jun, Blue Jo, Nigini Oliveira, and Katharina Reinecke
PACM on Human-Computer Interaction 1(3) Nov., 2018 PDF

The Potential for Scientific Outreach and Learning in Mechanical Turk Experiments
Eunice Jun, Morelle Arian, and Katharina Reinecke
ACM Learning at Scale 2018. PDF

Types of Motivation Affect Study Selection, Attention, and Dropouts in Online Experiments
Eunice Jun, Gary Hsieh, and Katharina Reinecke
PACM on Human-Computer Interaction 1(2) Nov., 2017 PDF
Honorable Mention (Top 5%)

Citizen Science Opportunities in Volunteer-Based Online Experiments
Nigini Oliveira, Eunice Jun, and Katharina Reinecke

How Curiosity Attracts Participation in Volunteer-Based Online Experiments
Eunice Jun, Bernd Huber, Krzysztof Gajos, and Katharina Reinecke
ACM CHI 2017: Designing for Curiosity Workshop PDF

LabintheWild: How to Design Uncompensated, Feedback-driven Online Experiments
Nigini Oliveira, Eunice Jun, Trevor Croxson, Krzysztof Gajos, and Katharina Reinecke
ACM CSCW 2017: Demo PDF

BigFoot: Using the Size of a Virtual Foot to Scale Gap Width.
Eunice Jun, Jeanine Stefanucci, Sarah Creem-Regehr, Michael Geuss, and William Thompson
ACM Transactions on Applied Perception PDF
One of 5 papers chosen for special issue


Experimental Design as Programs
Eunice Jun, Jared Roesch, and Sarah Chasins


Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. -- Maya Angelou

Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery — what it all means… -- Martha Graham || Research feels like a dance to me.