France slams US executions.


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1France slams US executions .
2France condemned Wednesday the United States ' use of the death penalty in the wake of its latest execution , calling on Washington to impose a moratorium on such punishments .
3On Tuesday , the US state of Ohio put to death 36-year-old Marvallous Keene , a former gang leader who was sentenced to death after being convicted for five murders committed in 1992 when he was aged 19 .
4Keene 's lawyers had argued that he was mentally disturbed .
5`` France along with the European Union recalls its opposition to the death penalty in all circumstances , '' said French foreign ministry spokesman Frederic Desagneaux , branding executions `` cruel and inhumane '' .
6Desangeaux said that all judicial systems make mistakes , and argued that there was no evidence that the death penalty deters crime .
7France , the home of the guillotine , abolished the death penalty in 1981 , four years after carrying out its last decapitation .