Georgia accuses Russia of making 'undisguised threat'.


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1Georgia accuses Russia of making ` undisguised threat ' .
2Tbilisi on Saturday accused Russia of having made an `` undisguised threat '' and of having `` dangerous designs '' on Georgia after Moscow warned that it reserved the right to use military force in the Caucasus .
3`` The Russian defence ministry 's expression of its readiness ` to use all available force and means ' against Georgia is an undisguised threat , '' the Georgian foreign ministry said in a statement .
4`` The ministry of foreign affairs of Georgia expresses deep concern and condemns in the most categorical terms the Russian side 's militarist statements , which aim at further destabilising the situation and causing the unfolding of a dangerous scenario of events , '' the statement said .
5`` The military rhetoric unleashed recently by the Russian defence ministry and a number of top military officials shed ample light on Russia 's dangerous designs against Georgia , '' it said .
6Russia on Saturday warned Georgia its military reserves the right to use force if the ex-Soviet state continues `` provocations '' in the Caucasus , one week ahead of the first anniversary of their 2008 war .
7The Russian defence ministry accused Georgia of firing several times with mortars and grenades over the last four days on the capital of its rebel South Ossetia region which is recognised as independent by Russia .
8`` If such provocations posing a threat to the population of South Ossetia and the Russian military continue , the defence ministry reserves the right to use all the forces and means at its disposal , '' the ministry said in a statement on its website .