Mother of British soldier killed in Afghanistan slams govt.


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1Mother of British soldier killed in Afghanistan slams govt .
2The mother of the 200th British soldier to be killed in Afghanistan urged Tuesday all lawmakers to `` get out on the front line '' to see how desperate troops were for resources .
3Hazel Hunt , whose 21-year-old son died from bomb blast injuries on Saturday , said politicians have `` short changed '' the army fighting in Afghanistan and the `` troops are suffering because of it . ''
4`` They should get off their backsides and go and see what it 's like for our boys out there .
5The Army has been short-changed and the troops are suffering because of it , '' she was quoted in British newspapers as saying .
6`` But the politicians are not listening to the troops on the ground - they have n't got a clue what it 's really like .
7They 've got to find more resources , better equipment and make sure there 's enough of it . ''
8Amid a surge in violence , Prime Minister Gordon Brown 's government has faced growing calls either to pull troops out of Afghanistan altogether or provide stronger support .
9Private Richard Hunt became the 200th British soldier to die since 2001 in the fight against Taliban insurgents -- a grim milestone that revived questions about the purpose and resourcing of the mission .
10Hazel Hunt singled out Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth , who was appointed to the job in a cabinet reshuffle in June , saying his handling of the issue has been `` stupid and arrogant . ''
11`` Bob Ainsworth has made some very silly comments in the past few days and he has only been in the job for five minutes .
12I think he is speaking too soon and out of turn .
13He has been stupid and arrogant , '' she told the Daily Mail .
14Four more soldiers were killed on the weekend ahead of Afghanistan 's presidential elections on Thursday , taking the British death toll to 204 .
15New figures out Monday highlighted the escalation of violence British troops face in Afghanistan -- 94 soldiers were wounded last month , just over double the figure for June .