Olympic hero Skah accuses Norway over custody battle.


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1Olympic hero Skah accuses Norway over custody battle .
2Former Olympic athletics champion Khalid Skah on Wednesday joined dozens of people who staged a demonstration outside the Norwegian embassy in Rabat on Wednesday , accusing the Norwegian government of `` kidnapping '' his two children .
3The Moroccan hero and the demonstrators demanded the repatriation of 13-year-old Tarik Skah and Salma Skah , 16 .
4Khalid Skah 's former wife , Anne Cecilie Hopstock , a Norwegian , is the mother of the children .
5She left her husband in 2007 and had been demanding custody of the children who are now in Norway .
6Skah 's supporters say the children were abducted on July 19 by Norway 's ambassador in Rabat Bjorn Olav Blokhus .
7The Norwegian government has denied any involvement in the events surrounding the children .
8`` The Norwegian government must return the children to their country , '' a tearful Skah said at the demonstration as he read a statement to the media .
9`` That 's the only solution to this crime . ''
10`` The Norwegian government must know that the fight will go on to recover my children ... I will strengthen it by taking up the case with international organisations . ''
11Skah said that Moroccan authorities had proof of the Norwegian embassy 's involvement in the disappearance of his children , who have dual Moroccan - Norwegian citizenship .
12Norway admits only to giving refuge to the two children when they showed up at the Norwegian mission in Rabat , judging their lives to be in danger .
13At their request , they left three days later accompanied by their mother , officials said .
14According to Skah , the 10,000 metres champion at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics , Tarik and Selma had lived in Rabat since 2006 and their mother left the north African country the following year to return to Norway .
15Norwegian media reports said Hopstock left Morocco because she was forced to stay at home at all the time .