Canada PM congratulates Obama.


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1Canada PM congratulates Obama .
2Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Friday congratulated US President Barack Obama for his Nobel Peace Prize win , saying it will bolster US leadership in the world .
3`` I think it 's a tremendous award to somebody who has obviously accomplished a great deal in his life and I 'm obviously very happy for him and his family .
4I think it 's a great honour , '' Harper told reporters .
5Harper went on to say that the world `` needs a US leader who succeeds . ''
6`` In this regard , a Nobel Peace Prize will bolster his ability , his reputation around the world , and it will help us do things for all of humanity and I think that 's a good thing . ''
7Obama 's win Friday came as a surprise to many , including the White House .
8The Nobel committee said they were honoring the US leader for his work to improve international relations and stem nuclear proliferation .