Eight out of ten Italians back crucifix in schools: poll.


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1Eight out of ten Italians back crucifix in schools : poll .
2An opinion poll on Sunday showed strong public support for displaying crucifixes in Italy 's schools , five days after a European court ruled the practice breached human rights .
3More than eight out of ten Italians said they supported crucifixes being shown in schools , according to a survey published in the Corriera della Sera newspaper .
4Italian politicians of all sides united with the Catholic Church to condemn the November 3 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights -LRB- ECHR -RRB- , with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi describing it as `` unacceptable '' .
5In Sunday 's poll , 84 percent of people replied `` yes '' to the question `` Should crucifixes be displayed in classrooms ? ''
6, 14 percent said `` no '' and 2 percent said they had no opinion .
7The percentage who said `` yes '' rose to 86 percent among those who went to mass `` several times a year '' and to 93 percent among those who went to church `` at least once a week '' .
8Even non-churchgoers supported the crucifix , with 68 percent of people who said they never went to mass in favour of displaying it in schools .
9Political commentator Renato Mannheimer said a significant proportion of Italians see the crucifix primarily as a symbol of their country 's cultural and social traditions , though they do not deny its religious significance .
10The ECHR ruling came in a case brought by an Italian mother opposed to the presence of the crucifix in schools .
11Soile Lautsi took her fight to Strasbourg after Italian judges finally ruled against her following years of legal wrangling , declaring on more than one occasion that the crucifix had become as much a symbol of Italian national identity as of Catholicism .
12The ECHR found that the right of parents to educate their children according to their own beliefs , and children 's right to freedom of religion , were breached by the crucifix in classrooms .
13They could also be `` disturbing for pupils '' from other religions and ethnic minorities , the court found , declaring a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights .
14The ISPO organisation surveyed 801 people for the poll , which had a 3.5 percent margin of error .