Backers of abortion law will not get communion: Spanish bishop.


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1Backers of abortion law will not get communion : Spanish bishop .
2Spanish lawmakers who vote in favour of abortion reforms will not be allowed to take holy communion , a senior Spanish bishop said Wednesday .
3Roman Catholics can not back this law and `` if they do they will find themselves in a state of sin and can not receive the holy communion , '' Juan Antonio Martinez Camino , the secretary general of the Spanish Bishops Conference , told reporters .
4He emphasized that the lawmakers would not be excommunicated , as `` excommunication is reserved in the code of canon law for those who cooperate actively in the practice of abortion . ''
5Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez responded by saying `` the Catholic Church is much more than that represented by Mr. Camino . ''
6The Catholic Church has strongly opposed plans by the socialist government to liberalise Spain 's abortion laws .
7The proposed legislation was approved by the government in September and is to be debated in parliament in November .
8Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Madrid on October 17 to condemn the measure .