Boxing: Filipino Pacquiao uses ring to get message across.


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1Boxing : Filipino Pacquiao uses ring to get message across .
2Manny Pacquiao has made no secret of his political ambitions outside the ring but dabbling in government is n't the same as taking it on as a full-time career , says trainer Freddie Roach .
3Roach said Pacquiao my run for office in his native Philippines , but after the fighter gets a taste of political life Roach expects him to eventually return to his boxing roots .
4`` I would love to see him go out on top , '' Roach said .
5`` The thing is he can fight for a long time , because his work ethic is so great .
6`` Once he gets into politics and finds out how corrupt it is he will come back to boxing .
7He can do more as a boxer than a politician for his countrymen .
8Although he 's proven me wrong before . ''
9Pacquiao faces Miguel Cotto in a World Boxing Organization welterweight title fight Saturday at the MGM Grand hotel and casino .
10The first round of the fight will be dangerous for both fighters and Roach said their plan is to hit Cotto with some big shots from the opening bell .
11`` I do n't have to tell him the game plan anymore , '' Roach said .
12`` It is automatic now .
13I make moves in training like Cotto makes in the fight .
14It is like a dance .
15He knows exactly what to do in those situations .