NFL: Vick scores two touchdowns triumphant Atlanta return.


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1NFL : Vick scores two touchdowns triumphant Atlanta return .
2Former gridiron superstar Michael Vick scored his first touchdowns since returning to the National Football League after a jail term against his former club here on Sunday .
3Vick scored on a five-yard run in the third quarter and threw a five-yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter for Philadelphia in a 34-7 victory at Atlanta , drawing cheers from the same crowd that had welcomed him with boos .
4`` I ca n't be more thankful , '' Vick said .
5`` I was overwhelmed by the crowd 's reaction .
6I 'm so glad I had a second chance .
7It was awesome .
8`` I will never forget this day .
9This is one moment I 'm going to savor forever . ''
10It was the 11th time in Vick 's career he ran and threw for a touchdown in the same game but the first time he had found the end zone since his comeback from a prison sentence for his role in a dogfight ring .
11`` I 'm proud of Michael for going in and doing the things he did and keeping his composure at an emotional time , '' Eagles coach Andy Reid said .
12Vick has played a limited reserve role as a backup quarterback for the Eagles this season after being released from federal prison for financing the canine gambling operation .
13Exposed details of animal cruelty by Vick - including slaying of dogs through such methods as beating , drowning and electrocution - have brought an apology and speeches to youth groups by Vick on not doing as he once did .
14`` My goal was to get the crowd on their feet and let them know I miss them too , '' Vick said .
15`` I knew it would be 50-50 .