Khamenei says US, Britain will fail to isolate Iran: TV.


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1Khamenei says US , Britain will fail to isolate Iran : TV .
2Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday the United States and Britain who are Tehran 's main `` enemies '' will fail to `` isolate Iran '' over its nuclear issue , state television reported .
3`` Americans are at the head of the list of enemies and the British are the most awful of them , '' Khamenei said , addressing thousands of people in a speech to mark a major Shiite ceremony .
4`` Americans , Zionists and other oppressive powers tried to isolate Iran for the past 30 years , but they failed and with God 's help they will also fail in the future , '' state television quoted Khamenei as saying in reaction to sustained Western threats to isolate Iran over its atomic programme .