Eritrea tops list of African nations that jail journalists.


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1Eritrea tops list of African nations that jail journalists .
2New York based media rights watchdog the Committee to Protect Journalists -LRB- CPJ -RRB- said Tuesday that Eritrea tops the list of African countries that jail journalists for their work .
3Worldwide , Eritrea ranks fourth , based on CPJ 's annual count , which also singles out countries such as the United States and Iran , the watchdog said .
4`` On December 1 , a total of 25 journalists were imprisoned in Sub-Saharan Africa in retaliation for their journalism , and nearly 90 percent were detained without charges in secret detention facilities , '' CPJ said .
5`` With at least 19 journalists behind bars , Eritrea by far leads the list of shame of African nations that imprison journalists . ''
6`` The Eritrean government has refused to confirm if the detainees are still alive , even when unconfirmed online reports suggest that three journalists have died in detention , '' CPJ said .
7Eritrea 's neighbour Ethiopia comes second with `` four journalists held ... , including two Eritrean journalists who are detained in secret locations without any formal charges or legal proceedings since late 2006 '' .
8Globally , China , Iran and Cuba come top of the CPJ list .
9`` Worldwide , a total of 136 reporters , editors , and photojournalists were behind bars , an increase of 11 from the 2008 tally .
10The survey also found that freelancers now make up nearly 45 percent of all journalists jailed across the globe .