CORRECTED: 'Shame on you Toyota' says survivor of high-speed drama.


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1CORRECTED : ` Shame on you Toyota ' says survivor of high-speed drama .
2A retired social worker choked back tears Tuesday as she recalled phoning her husband to say goodbye when her Lexus hurtled out of control at 100 miles per hour down a busy freeway .
3Recounting her terrifying brush with death before a congressional panel probing Toyota 's recall crisis , Tennessee woman Rhonda Smith told lawmakers she had expected to die during the incident in October 2006 .
4Smith was at the wheel of her new Lexus ES 350 and had just merged with traffic when her car suddenly and inexplicably surged from 70 to 100mph .
5Despite Smith frantically slamming on the emergency brake and even putting the car in reverse , the vehicle continued to speed down the freeway .
6`` I figured the car was going to go its maximum speed , and I was going to have to put the car into the upcoming guardrail in order to prevent killing anyone else and I prayed for God to help me , '' Smith said .
7`` I called my husband on the Greentooth phone system , '' Smith said , wiping away tears .
8`` I knew -- I 'm sorry .
9I knew he could not help me , but I wanted to hear his voice one more time . ''
10But at that moment , Smith said `` God intervened '' and the car came very slowly to a stop and her ordeal was over .
11Yet Smith and her husband Eddie 's relief that a tragedy had been avoided would turn to anger in the weeks and months after the incident , when they were claim they were treated with indifference by Toyota and safety investigators .
12The Smiths disgust mounted when , after repeated demands , Toyota finally responded and appeared to suggest the owners of the vehicle were at fault .
13`` When we finally forced Toyota to respond in writing , we received a five - sentence analysis stating , and I quote , ` When properly maintained , the brakes will always over-ride the accelerator . '
14`` Well , we know that 's a lie , and we were outraged that Toyota would suggest in that statement also that the brakes have to not properly be maintained in order for that to happen and the car had less than 3,000 miles on it . ''
15Smith said they took their complaint to the National Center for Dispute Settlement but described the proceedings as a `` total farce . ''